Most instruments are made out of wood. Wood moves and shifts with climate changes. When this happens, it can affect the way it plays. A set up will restore your instrument back to factory specs or your own personal specs.  We go over every point of your instrument and make it sound and play its best.  If you are a Taylor guitar owner please note that we offer most of the same care packages that the factory offers.  Please ask us for details.

Guitar Repair Shack offers a TWENTY POINT Assessment and Set Up
This is a thorough point by point assessment and set up that will make your instrument play its best.  The instrument is returned to factory specs or set at your own personal specs. 

    • 1-Tighten tuning machine hardware, lube open gear tuning machines
    • 2-Check nut, lower or raise action as needed. Smooth and lube nut slots
    • 3-Clean/polish/condition fretboard
    • 4-Check for high frets. Re-seat or dress up to three high frets (several high frets will need a complete fret dress to correct)
    • 5-Adjust bridge and/or saddle(s) for height
    • 6-Check for lifting bridge (acoustics)
    • 7-Check and adjust tailpiece as needed (electrics)
    • 8-Check truss rod tension and adjust as needed
    • 9-Check intonation at 12th fret, adjust as needed or possible
    • 10-Check neck joint
    • 11-Adjust micro-tilt or shim neck as needed (electric bolt-on neck)
    • 12-Check and tighten hardware as needed, (pots, input jack, jack plate, etc)
    • 13-Set trem spring tension (tremelo or Floyd Rose)
    • 14-Check/clean electronics
    • 15-Check pickup balance and adjust as needed (electrics) 
    • 16-Restring
    • 17-Check overall playability, string clearance for note bending, string buzz
    • 18-Check for dryness/lack of humidity 
    • 19- Basic body polish
    • 20-Dress sharp fret ends
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