fret work

Fret work

(Sharp fret end dress, Fret level crown and polish, Refrets)

  • Fret end dressing:
    When a fingerboard shrinks, the fret ends protrude and become sharp, making your instrument uncomfortable to play. We file and smooth the fret edges on the side and top and then polish all of the frets.

  • Fret dressing: Fingerboards shrink, shift and move from climate changes. Even tiny changes can cause one or more frets to shift and become uneven causing string buzz. We go over the entire fretboard and re-level, re-crown and polish all of the frets.
  • Partial refrets: Sometimes the first 3-5 or so get extra playing wear and become pitted and flat but the rest of the frets are in good shape. When this happens, you don't need to replace all of the frets. We match and replace the damaged frets and then do a complete fret dress.
  • Complete refrets: When all or most of the frets are pitted and worn and there is no room in them left to dress them again, a complete refret is in order. All of the frets are removed, the fingerboard is cleaned and re-radiussed, and new frets are installed.
    Prices vary on this service depending on the type of fingerboard you have.
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