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We are the Canada-wide parts and tube distributor for Fender Musical Instruments.  We have the largest selection of Fender parts in Western Canada.  

We have a complete room dedicated to consignment guitars, amps, parts, accessories, and collectibles that we are calling the Guitar Shack!  Our collection of stocked items has grown to the point where we will be listing the brands that we carry but not the specific item.  Please stop by and visit!


**See our current consignment listings here: 

As always we are:


  • Authorized dealer for Lollar, Fender, Gibson, Fishman, and LR Baggs pickups 
  • Here is a general list of items that we will regularly be stocking.


  • Large selection of Fender guitar, bass, and amp parts and tubes.
  • JJ, Svetlana, Electro-Harmonix, Shuguang, Sovtek
  • Clear and Silver Gretsch Pickup Rings  
  • 1/4" mono and stereo jacks
  • Mono and stereo barrel jacks
  • 250K and 500K CTS Split and Solid Shaft Pots with audio and linear taper and push-pull style
  • Toggle switches-straight, right angle and mini
  • 3-way, 4-way, 5-way inline switches
  • Jack plates, various styles
  • Tuning machines: Classical, Six in Line, Three per side
  • Strap buttons-chrome, black and gold
  • Tele control plates, chrome
  • Battery holders, various styles
  • String trees, various styles
  • Bone and synthetic nuts and saddles
  • Bridge pins-black, cream and white
  • Bridge tremolo tension springs
  • Screws, various
  • Knobs and Switchtips, various
  • D'Addario and Fender strings-Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Banjo
  • Genuine Taylor Guitar parts and accessories
  • Genuine Martin Guitar parts and accessories
  • Genuine Fender Guitar parts and accessories
  • Genuine Gretsch Guitar parts and accessories